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What We’re About

This is us:

(I’m Amy. The big one is Dan. The rugrat is Sonia.)

This is our rental house:

(Read more about how we got here in our very first post!)

As lifelong renters we understand how challenging it can be to make a rental property feel like a home. The truth is: There are things renters can do … and things renters can’t do… we call them the Rental House Rules.

We know them well. And we’re happy to share. So…

Watch us take this place from bleak to chic — without breaking our lease OR our budget!

We’ll demonstrate how entirely possible it is to put your own stank on a rental property — from the porch to the basement and in every room in between 🙂

Frequent topics here on RHR include, but are not limited to:

Minor home repair

Decor & styling

DIY projects

Thrift shopping

Furniture rehab


Safety & childproofing

We always do our best to keep it light & funny, but RHR is also chock-full of helpful tips and tutorials. And since we know that most renters — us included — are on a tight budget, affordability is always a RHR priority.

Best of all, we guarantee that every RHR project is undo-able. No structural changes allowed. Stick with us and your rental property will look totally “you” — but only until you move. Security deposit = secure. (Although we can’t keep you from overflowing the tub or something… sorry.)

Welcome to Rental House Rules — we’re thrilled to have you! Come on in & stay a spell 🙂

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