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Decking the Halls… With Actual Boughs of Holly

So, in an effort to be super-frugal with our holiday budget this year, I asked Dan to bring home some branches from the many pine trees around his parents’ house for decorating purposes.

Then he did me one better. He snagged some real holly too!

I fa-la-la-love that guy!!

I started by using the holly to create a simple sprig that adds a punch of color to our front porch railing.

I also draped plain white string lights along both the top & bottom rail & wrapped the top rail with a silver-trimmed white ribbon.

But it still didn’t look… complete. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t feel done.

So I added some dangling silver ornaments for a little more pop.

Then I hung large jingle bells from the ceiling, using the hooks that held our jam jar lanterns this summer. (Original lantern post here.)

And created an outdoor centerpiece for our wicker table by wrapping a bare wreath with white lights & placing some candles in the middle. I just used a glass bowl, 3 pillar candles of different heights & some white craft sand.

(I dig the way the sand kinda looks like snow drifts.)

It’s not Clark Griswold-level, but I think our outdoor holiday decor looks nice.


And it pleased us here at RHR greatly that we were able to use natural greenery, rather than settling for that fake, plastic garland. Always a bonus!

And even better? Using so many repurposed items (string lights, jingle bells, wreaths, craft sand) and shopping the holiday sales/discount bin at the craft store for the rest (ribbon, candles) meant that our transformation was super affordable. All told, I spent about $10.

Not bad, if you ask me!

Perry Como was right  — The prettiest sight I see IS the holly on my own front door!

So, how about you? How’s your holiday decorating coming along? Have you been able to keep costs down by cleverly reusing stuff? Any cool centerpiece ideas? Let us know!

Rain? Check. :(

Howdy, strangers!

Just a quick post about why our big Curb Appeal Reveal post is taking SO long to get up…

Every time we have a free moment to work on porch projects, the skies open up.

But please rest assured, we dash out there & work our little hearts out at every sunny opportunity!

We’re super-stoked to be rounding the final curve in our porch makeover, (we’re SO close) and once that’s finished we’ll put up a huge, meaty post with tons of pics of the entire Shab-To-Fab curb appeal upgrade & links to so very many projects contained within.

But in the meantime, we invite you to take a Rental House Rules tour of your own!

You can simply click backward or forward using the directional prompts at the top of each blog post for a scrolling-style tour…

Or, you can follow these links to some of our more popular posts 🙂

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And honestly, honestly — we’ll be back as soon as humanly possible with that Curb Appeal Reveal post. Trust me, we’re looking forward to it as much as anyone!! 🙂

In the meantime, thanks so much for sticking with us through all the weather. Our posting schedule will be much more predictable and sane once we can move indoors…


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