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Wreath-hab: You Want Some Jingle With Those Bells?

Remember our gate wreath & mail drop basket combo? And how much I dug the idea of switching out the decorations from time to time to reflect the seasons?

Well, check this out:

Jingle bells, some faux holly berries…

…and gawh-jus white poinsettia…

… take our little duo from autumn to winter for less than $10 in less than 10 minutes.

First, I plucked the silk flowers from my Harvest Moon wreath:

 Original post here

Then I used some faux holly berries I found in the craft store clearance bin & a handful of jingle bells to create a subtle holiday look.

I used picture wire to attach the bells

and just tucked the berries in around them.

Of course, I trimmed back the ends of the picture wire, too…

Easy peasey.

Oh, and I straightened out all the wire branches on the faux berries and kind of squeezed them together:

I think the tidier look made a big difference

… before (bottom) and … after (top)

… by giving it a little je ne c’est quoi…

Oh, yeah. I totally speak French now. I learned it from the tube my clochettes came in. So la-tee-da.

Oops. Didn’t get the poinsettia in that shot.


Please ignore the price stickers on the poinsettia. I’m trying to train myself out of a borderline OCD sticker-removal thing.

But man they’re driving me crazy. Aaarrrrgggghhhh…


Quick, easy, cheap. The Rental House Rules decorating trifecta. Score!

We’ll be back soon with more exterior decor. We’re experiencing a bit of technical difficulty with our string lights. Not to worry, though. We’re on it.

In the meantime… take another peek at my wreath.

Oh, yeah. You love it, don’tcha? Yeah, you do. You’re on the naughty list for sure, you cheeky thing!

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