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Don’t You Forget About Me

Hey Rental House Rulers!! 

SO sorry I haven’t been with you for so long (since around Christmas… yikes!), but I’ve been on the move.

Literally. We moved.

We’re now back in our hometown of Tucson, AZ and we COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!


The move was sudden & unexpected for everyone. Documenting it would have been next to impossible. (And trust me, you don’t want to be next to impossible. That guy’s a real buzz-kill.)BUT… I did take many photos along the way & will be posting a farewell to our old house. We sure did love that old crapshack. 

Nonetheless, it was time to move on — and we’re thrilled with our new place. It’s an apartment, and much smaller than our old house, but it has SO much potential for coolness. I’ve got a zillion ideas, and I’ll definitely be letting you all in on them.

That said, the site will probably get a bit of an overhaul. I learned a lot from my first go at it, but now I know what about the blogging process worked for me… and what didn’t. And I shall be addressing all bugs, glitches and style “don’ts” as I get the new place — and the new site — put together.

But fret not, my RHRers!! There IS more to come — and if you liked the first RHR… you’re gonna love the new one!

Thanks so much for your patience. You guys rock. See you soon 🙂

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