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Easy Like Sunday Bloggin’ 2

You know how you always have extra holiday swag laying around — like Secret Santa candies and Uncle So-and-So’s famous peanut brittle?

And how they always crowd up your counter space until they go stale and you finally allow yourself to throw them out?

Why? That tin of your favorite cookies or bouquet of candy canes was intended to bring you enjoyment, not stress. And yet, after the presents are unwrapped & the tinsel is down, it’s hard to move the leftover holiday treats. No matter the kind intentions, come about January 3, those uneaten holiday gifts just seem like some kind of bizarre culinary social obligation. 

Must. Finish. Fruitcake.

So, I decided to to conduct an experiment.

ImageI took the leftover holiday goodies & artfully arranged them next to our usual “snack zone” — the area of the kitchen where we keep crackers, nuts, dried fruits, etc.

I liberated these super-yummy biscotti cookies from their original holiday-themed packaging & casually dumped them into a round glass vase. No big whoop. No pressure. Just some biscotti laying around. 

The maple candy I put into a simple mason jar that originally contained homemade apple butter. (Which all got eaten. Quickly.) I hoped that the simple jar would enhance the appeal of the old-timey candy.

And the last few cookie-tin cookies? Well, I just set them out on a plate. Like they expected to be eaten.


Did it work?

You betcha! The cookies vanished, the biscotti is half gone & only maple candy crumbs remain.

Holiday mission accomplished!

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One thought on “Easy Like Sunday Bloggin’ 2

  1. If there’s any maple candy left, can you save me a piece? Actually helped make that candy many, many years ago back in western New York. Yummy stuff! Also loved Sonia’s closet project- process and product – Well Done!!

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