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Rather than fighting the crowds (sometimes literally) on Black Friday, we here at Rental House Rules chose to participate in Small Business Saturday.

We headed out to Creative Reuse Pittsburgh, a very cool shop that sells reclaimed arts & crafts supplies at major discounts.

Could? I? Love? It? More? Not likely.

It’s so very up my alley. And kind of in an alley. Which makes it even cooler.

Inside, it’s like a craft store & a thrift store shacked up together.

They’ve got sewing stuff…

Art supplies & paper…

Prints, canvases and original art…

Censored for your pleasure

They also had a super-rad selection of old magazines…

Perfect for collages… and ransom notes.

Does anyone else feel a little dirty when they see a stack of Nat Geos? Naked tribesmen. Heh, heh.

There were also tons of old LPs & encyclopedias and such.

And I can’t wait to surprise Dan with a “World’s Greatest Lover” trophy…

I was headed over to check out the selection of beads…

… but Sonia vetoed the idea.

Instead, we went on a “treasure hunt” in the fill-a-bag bulk section…

And I did manage to sneak away long enough to document some of CRP’s more… unique… offerings.

Like a plethora of syringes… um… yikes…

And a drawer full of doll heads… double yikes!!

Overall, CRP was awesome. While you probably wouldn’t want to go there on a hard-target search, it’s fantastic for browsing & fortifying your craft supplies closet. Plus, the staff was incredibly friendly & helpful.

We totally recommend checking it out!!


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