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Excuse Our Dust

You might have noticed that something about RHR is different today.
No, you’re not losing it… we’re trying out a new look!
So far, we dig it.

Sure, there will be a little backtracking to do — some of our photos got all outta line during the switch — but overall, we think the clean, modern look is worth it.

We’ll be trying it out for a week or so. If it works out as well as we hope it will, the change will be permanent.
What do you guys think so far???
(Just scroll down to see our old posts in an all new way.)
Seriously — we want your feedback!


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4 thoughts on “Excuse Our Dust

  1. Linda Maltby on said:

    Your new look is so clean and fresh looking and the changes make it easy to navigate your site. Can’t wait to see how your bath and kitchen projects turn out.

  2. I love the new look! I also wanted to tell you how beautiful your porch project turned out! I really thought the difference was fantastic!!

    • Thanks so much, Nicole! We appreciate your feedback and we’re so glad you like both of our “new looks” — Stay tuned for lots of great indoor transformations & let us know what you think of those, too!

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