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Before Tour — Bathroom

So, the past week has been chaos — Sonia’s big 4th birthday party was derailed by a veritable plague. Dan had a chest cold, Sonia had an ear infection & I had a sinus infection.

Sonia & Dan on bed rest (right)

Actually, I still have a sinus infection. Bleeech. Off to the doc tomorrow…

But, weak as I am, I shall not neglect you, dear reader. I shall soldier on, battling the throes of this wretched malaise — for such is my devotion to you. For ’tis an unflagging passion, and indeed my highest duty, to bestow wisdom and enlightenment unto all those who call me blogstress…

OK, better make this quick. The cold medicine is obviously kicking in.

Heh, hem. So…

We figured out that the best way to approach moving our DIY extravaganza inside was to begin with a basic overview of what we’re working with. We like the room-by-room strategy, but doing one giant post that included every room, along with before photos & punch lists seemed…. AAARARGAHHH!! Overwhelming! There’s just too much to show.

So instead, we’ll bring you one room per post for the next little while, thereby introducing you slowly to the project & allowing us to keep the greater portion of our sanity. Win/win!

We’ll include a basic punch list (a.k.a. “to-do” list) with each room intro, so you’re more or less up to speed with our plans & can start envisioning. And coming up with compliments ;->

So, without further ado — Welcome to the Before Tour!!

We’ll be starting with the bathroom:

From the hall (above)

Also from the hall (above)

From the window, looking left (Actually, I had to crouch in the shower to get this angle… small room…)

From the window, looking right (Had to sit on the can to get this one. Eeew…. not like that McNasty! Lid closed!)

Ceiling from hallway (above)

Tub & shower (above)

Notice the circa 1980 linoleum? Foxy.

How about the fine cabinetry? That must have cost tens of dollars.

(We do have to take responsibility for the tres chic padlock, though. Autistic kid = seemingly insane safety measures. Whaddya gonna do?)

The seamless paint job? The quality materials and professional repairs? Well, let’s just say that this kind of craftsmanship is really… something to behold.

(Yes, that’s a crack in our shower wall. “Repaired” with a smear of plaster. Plaster. Really?)

But, all the luxury aside, my favorite design choice our landlord made in the bathroom was this:

Oddly, this isn’t the first rental property we’ve lived in that has this kind of deep, narrow “closet” directly behind the shower. They’re awful. Awful.

How is a person supposed to access anything in a closet that’s twice the depth of the average human arm?

Oh no!!! Heeeeellllpppp!!!!!

Stuff just gets pushed to the back, thrown to the back and generally lost in the back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to tear apart that whole dang closet just to find my Midol.

Bad scene, man. Bad scene.

So… given what we’re workin’ with, I feel a little less bad about my TO-tal lack of effort in terms of decor. Really, every aspect of the room is just awful, from a design standpoint. It’s like making over Sasquatch — where do you even start? (Maybe conditioner? A cute A-line dress?)

Frankly, I’ve been so put off by the whole room, I just tossed some old painted wicker shelves & accessories around & called it a day. Hanging a piece of artwork has been my only attempt at classin’ up the joint so far.

Also, the shower curtain is an online shopping FAIL. I swear, the pic on the website made it look so much cooler — like a sepia-toned print of a nature photo. So imagine my disappointment when I tore into my long-awaited parcel to find… this

Gag. It looks like a Rorschach test. Try relaxing on the throne while looking at that.

Why would they put a picture of my mom killing an octopus with a sausage on a shower curtain?  ;->

But for some reason I didn’t return it. I convinced myself I could make it work. I wish I could tell you why. It’s horrid. It dominates the whole room. It must go.

OK, OK, we get it. You hate your bathroom. So what are you gonna do about it?

Lemme tell ya!

Rough Bathroom Punch List (Not necessarily in order):

1) Install new floor tile

2) Rehab the sink vanity

3) Improve the paint job

4) Repair/obscure the toilet tank lid

5) Caulk the tub & address the plaster-crack situation

6) Obscure the wet wall access panel

7) Fix closet problem

8) Axe the painted-wicker stuff

9) Figure out why the number eight keeps coming out as a smiley-face emoticon instead of a numeral on our blog.

10) Add new decor & storage/organization stuff

11) Address the shower curtain situation

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. But that gives you a basic idea of what we’ve got & what we wanna do with it. 🙂

So stay close, especially if you’ve got a bathroom you don’t know what to do with!! The bathroom is one of the first rooms we’ll conquer –right after I slay this three-headed dragon with my slingshot of fire.

OK. The medicine has definitely kicked in now. Better sign off. TTYS.



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