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Porch Wrap Up

Here I am takin’ a porch chill while I write this quick curb-appeal-project-wrap-up post 🙂

See the whole makeover, with pics & links to each project here.

It’s just so lovely out here now. I can’t begin to describe.

So I figured this was the best place for me to look back over the time we spent on the project.

(Cue “The Way We Were”)

Let’s start with a budget estimate, since I’m no good at math:

Porch, Gate & Steps — paint, supplies, etc.   = $100

One of the costlier projects we tackled, but well worth it. Plus, you might be able to get the $$ taken out of your rent if you choose to stick with your landlord’s color/manufacturer choice.

Flower bed — flowers & tools  = $100

I admit it. I WAY overspent on this. I bought a bunch of pricey perennials, when I should have opted for all annuals. I could have spent far, far less & still come away with a perfectly lovely garden. Lesson learned. (I blame my desert roots for going all batsh*t with the flower buying.)

Rehabbed furniture — paint, stain, rope, glue = $75

While the table in particular was a lengthy redo — because of all the drying time between steps — everyone seems to agree that it looks brand new now. And it’s sturdier!!

Details — Starburst wall art; mailbox; address sign; mail caddy; lighting (fixture, string lights, candle lanterns); flowerpot storage; marigold ornaments; watering can; seasonal items = $100ish

The detail-y stuff ran about $25 per project, with some being far less (flower pots, candle lanterns) because we tend to use repurposed materials & leftover supplies.

So, overall, for the most part, generally speaking, looking at the big picture… We went from this to this:

for about


Not bad.

Especially considering that replacing the furniture alone would have cost more than that.

Plus, if I hadn’t gone all nutzo with the flowers, we could have brought it in well under $3-hunny.

And the above pics don’t even demonstrate the beauteousness that is goin’ on up on the porch:

But, of course, there were obstacles.

Which leads me to our soon-to-be-famous (ha ha) Cheers & Jeers feature!


The gate

Is it the prettiest feature of our makeover? No. But it’s functional properties make it far & away our MVP.


The squirrel

I think once we started the makeover, he realized that we’re not, in fact, hillbillies & he lost all fear of ending up in our stew pot.

Cheeky little bastard.

I thought his hijinks were cute until he made off with ALL of my decorative squash and chomped my pumpkins…

See him? Right there in my mail caddy.

Seriously, he has NO fear. He actually takes hostages. For real — he wouldn’t let Sonia’s speech therapist off the porch!!

He’s also eaten ALL of the bird seed out of our pretty feeder. I wish I had a pic of him swinging on that thing. Hilarious!

On the up side, we’re pretty sure that we can take full credit for his successful hibernation this winter — he must have at least a dozen squash & two pounds of all-season bird seed stashed in his little tree house by now, courtesy of Chez Glor.


Our porch stencil & jam jar lanterns

For almost nothing, we created a nice little sitting area just by defining the space with our version of a porch rug & then echoing that space above with our jam jar lanterns.

We don’t like porch rugs anyway. They slip around, curl up at the edges & generally look ratty pretty quick. This alternative gives us the same effect without the hassle. And it was at least $100 cheaper! And the lanterns are just quirky & fun 🙂


Light fixture

I thought this would look much better than it does. I just hated the old light SO much. Something had to be done. Unfortunately, our budget was pretty tight the week I lost my patience with the old “fixture” and I chose to go with a simple $5 replacement just to get the old one outta there.

And while Dan is rightfully proud of his install job (see details here), the fixture itself does nothing for us. It does not make us all warm & tingly. It is not our dream light.

We’ll live with it for now & try frosting the glass & adding some sort of decorative backing or something to obscure the leftover caulk and just give the fixture more overall… presence.


Climbing flowers

I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve gotten on this simple, simple element of our makeover.

If you’ve got an area you want to obscure or add height to, I can’t recommend Morning Glories & Nasturtium enough. Just give them something to climb on & tend to your Nasturtium. It’s beautiful, but it will take over the whole garden if you let it.


The rain

Nothing, nothing was more problematic than the weather when it came to our Curb Appeal makeover. In fact, I imagine the whole thing would have taken half the time if we’d had good weather all along.

Still, it did make our garden blow up. So maybe our area’s penchant for precipitation isn’t such a bad thing…


Our readers!!!!!!

That would be you!!! I don’t have a pic of y’all, but I wanted to give you guys a quick “ups” for tuning in — honestly, your response to our new blog has been SO encouraging. When we decided to give this DIY blogging thing a try, we weren’t sure that there was an audience out there for us.

But thanks to you guys, we’re actually pretty stoked about moving onward & upward with Rental House Rules and we have tons of ideas for the inside of the house that we probably would procrastinate if it weren’t for you being out there pulling for us 🙂

So please, give yourselves a hand. We’ll wait 🙂

Good job!

And now that all the pennies are counted & the backs are patted, we can move on. No more porch stuff for a while!!!!

But be sure to check back in soon — we’re moving inside & we have so many great projects coming up!

In the meantime, let us know what you think!!!!! We’d love to hear from you! What was your favorite part of our Curb Appeal Project? Have you tried any of our tips? What would you like to do with YOUR rental property? Any projects to brag about? Have you ever spent WAAAAY too much on flowers?

Seriously, we want to know!!! Spill it!!!!



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