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Curb Appeal REVEAL

This was our rental house before:

And this is our home today:

OMG, Amy! You’re our new design guru! We’ve never seen such a stunning transformation!

I know, I know. It’s hard to be humble when you’re just so very awesome.

Before (above); After (below)

Wow! We’re just blown away! This must have cost you thousands of dollars!

No, no. As a matter of fact, it was quite inexpensive.

What?!? But the lush, lush garden! And the chandeliers! It’s like Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous!!!

Yes. (Sighs and looks wistfully to the West) My genius is both a gift and a burden…

But seriously, better right???

We certainly think so!

Plus, no fewer than 6 neighbors have stopped by to thank us for putting a little TLC into our curb appeal. There’s a 50/50 split of homeowners & renters on our block, and, well… you can tell which are which. The rentals have long suffered neglect & it shows. And if the word of everyone in the neighborhood is accurate, ours had long been among the sorest of the block’s rental-property eyesores.

Not anymore!!

We’re not gonna say it’s the nicest looking property in the neighborhood, but we do receive plenty of compliments. And putting forth the effort seems to have endeared us to our previously (rightfully) skeptical neighbors. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all very nice people & were always polite… but let’s just say that since the Curb Appeal Project began, we’re receiving more cookout invitations than we used to. Which is awesome.

Rental House Rule #17: It’s your home, even if it’s somebody else’s house. Take some pride in it.

So… How did we go from eyesore to eye candy?

Not necessarily in this order, we: (Click on headings for links to individual project posts)

1) Installed a gate: 

We can’t describe how functional this simple fix has been. Honestly, while hardly the showpiece of our CAP (Curb Appeal Project), it has easily had the most impact upon our lives — in a good way!! Being able to corral the kiddo & dog has turned what was once merely a throughway into an outdoor room.

Highly suggest!

2) Put in a flower bed:

Before (left) ;

Today (center) 

3) Painted the porch and put facings on the steps:

Porch paint before (left); Two-tone lattice (right)

BTW — We also sprinkled the front porch steps with a little sand immediately after painting, to give them traction during rainy and snowy months.

Porch steps before paint & facings (left); traction sand (center); steps with paint and facings (right); porch paint after (center, large)

4) Added a “rug” stencil:

5) Rehabbed our old patio furniture and shelves:

Shelves before (left); Table and chairs before (right)

We went with a “coordinate, don’t match” philosophy…

…to create a cohesive look.

The shelves are done in a Dark Walnut stain.

The table is a combo of Espresso paint and Dark Walnut & Golden oak stains.

6) Gave the entry area some visual appeal by adding wall art:

… and other DIY decor touches.

Like a modern twist on toll painting above our front door… 

… a rehabbed wreath

… and some decorative storage.

7) Added a faux patina to our new mailbox:

8) Made a new address plaque & switched out the old porch light:

Before (left); After (right)

Note: We still plan to frost the glass on the new porch light, but didn’t want to hold up the big CAP reveal over a minor detail. Stay tuned!

9) Added string lights, a roll-down shade & DIY candle lanterns:

10) Added a few other finishing touches:

Like a wrought-iron chair for our flowering flowers to climb…

A cute watering can…

… a new doormat…

… a few pumpkins…

… painted flowerpots filled with squash and pine cones…

… a basket of mums…

… and my fave, a cobalt-blue bird feeder…

So, that’s our Curb Appeal Reveal!!

Come on back next week for more before/after pics, a more-or-less budget breakdown & “Rants & Raves” — a rundown of which projects we most enjoyed… and which we… well… didn’t.



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