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OK, so the wicker furniture makeover is going to take just a little while longer — we were abducted by family fun yesterday & instead of going to the Home Depot for more rope, we ended up at a nearby farm petting baby ducks!!

Ultimate Rental House Rule: Paint and pillows are fine, but your family is what makes your house a home.

So, we still have to hit the Depot. Then I have just a weeeeee bit more touching up on the table & chairs. And just generally futzing around to get the porch & yard ready for our BIG CURB APPEAL REVEAL!!!

But, I know I like a little light Sunday blog-reading, and I imagine you’re no different. It’s a lovely way to relax 🙂

So, I’m gonna throw up a quick little post about some of the “finishing touches” we’ve done on the porch.

‘Cause I’m easy like Sunday bloggin’…

Some of you might remember this post about how I added a large mail receptacle to the inside of our porch gate…

And how I promised to switch out the original pine cones for new and different items to turn what could be an awkward-looking, purely functional item into a unique visual draw?

Well, viola! Autumn gourds! Simple, cheap, big visual impact.

Also cheap & easy? Flower pot decor!

I spray painted a few flower pots in bright, solid colors. Now I can use them to house stray objects I need/want on the porch…

Like candles…

And pine cones to throw at a particularly brazen and pesky squirrel…


The cones are just for decor. But that squirrel IS a complete pain in the patootie.

I also tossed some leftover gourds into one of the flowerpots for a casual piece of fall decor. I also plan to use another flower pot to create a discreet outdoor ashtray. (I’ll do a full how-to on that one soon!)

Flower pots! They’re not just for flowers anymore!

The mums pictured above were a simple solution to an ugly old stump that was uglying up our yard.

I also placed a bright, eye-catching accent piece nearby — in this case a cobalt blue bird feeder — to further distract from the stump.

The flower bed was another place where I worked a little slight-of-the-eye magic to distract from a hole in my climbing vines…

Tip: Is your natural foliage looking a little wobbly or patchy? Use some potted plants or flowers to draw the eye to strong spots & “cover up” holes.

I chose a tall, leafy purple plant that contrasts nicely & has enough height to not look dwarfed next to the climbing vines.

So… there you go! Just a couple of quick visual fixes that anyone can accomplish.

Now we’re off to the Home Depot now for more rope. Yes, I said rope. You’ll see! (Wink!)


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