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Hector Project-er: Peace Nik Fix

So… long story short: Our front door has a weird, retrofitted exterior doorjamb that was built when an old wooden screen door was replaced with a newer, smaller metal one.

I won’t go into a spin about how very much we’d prefer a wooden screen. Or how switching out the existing one would be a major p-in-the-a because of how the handyman installed it.

Rental House Rule #15: Some things you just have to live with. Work around them.

In other words, there may not be much we can do about the door itself, but there is something we can do about the awkward area above the door.

All we need is love.

Or, in this case, peace.

At first, we were just going to paint the house number in this space above the door, but we kept procrastinating it, because, well… we just weren’t feelin’ it.

Then we considered painting in our last name, but that didn’t feel very “us.” Although we came up with a few amusing family monikers during the process. The Family Glor; GlorCo.; InGlorious Bastards and my personal favorite… New Glorcenshire.

But in the end, we decided to give peace a chance. (Dear Lennon estate: Please don’t sue me over bad puns. John was a genius. Shine on, Amy)

Anyway, once we’d settled on a simple font:

I’ve had this book since I was, like, 9 years old. I found it in my old bedroom last time we visited my folks 🙂

I just used a pencil & drew the letters in by hand. Yay, simple font! Then I grabbed a child’s paintbrush — Sonia has TONS of paintbrushes and doesn’t like the little ones that come in watercolor sets anyway. “Too gross.” It’s kind of her default criticism. — and some of the espresso brown paint I have left over from the address sign drama (here) and filled in my pencil lines.

All said and done, it took about half an hour & cost me zero dollars. Score!!

A small detail, but one that makes me smile every time I see it 🙂 And isn’t that the goal, really?

The flower bed is a constant work in progress. Post on that coming up very soon.

I love how it can be seen from the street, but doesn’t scream,


It’s just kind of there. You can choose to see it or not. Fitting 🙂


PS — The big porch makeover reveal has been postponed until the end of the week. Probably Saturday. We decided to hold off for reasons that will be explained shortly. Rest assured, our motives are entirely selfless & show just what wonderful people we truly are! Or at least that’s how we’re gonna spin it… ;->


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