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Hector Project-er : Part One

As in projects. I never project. That’s your hang-up. ;->

But seriously, folks…

I’ve been happily project-ing for the past couple of days, just putting little touches on the front porch.

There is still one major project — namely rehabbing the wicker patio set — but I was still in the thinkin’-about-which-way-I-wanna-go stage until yesterday, so I allowed myself to marinate upon it whilst doing other little detail-y stuff.

Post on my (hopefully) super awesome & totally brilliant makeover coming soon! 

Anyway… I already posted about the wreath I rehabbed to cover up the hardware of a flower box mounted on the inside of our porch gate. (here)

But I still had some tweaking to do on the flower box itself.

But why, pray tell, did we choose to mount a flower box on the inside of our porch gate???

Because of our mailbox. (mailbox makeover here)

While we LURVE our mailbox — and have received numerous compliments upon her beauty — she’s admittedly a petite thang & can’t hande a huge workload in terms of bulky mail.

The flirty little curls on the bottom do well at holding light stuff, like grocery store fliers, etc., but the first time our mail carrier stuffed an Ikea catalog in there, I thought I’d faint.

Oh, the wedging-in… it was awful… she must have been so scared… it’s okay, baby… shhhh… mama’s here…

So, we obviously needed a secondary mail receptacle as:

1) I couldn’t sleep knowing my precious mailbox was in constant danger of physical assault from overzealous postal carriers.

2) I was NOT about to cancel my Ikea catalog subscription.

Fortunately, while I was trying to figure out the best solution, I was also painting/allowing-to-dry the floor stencil I painted in lieu of a porch rug. (Porch stencil project here)

During the stenciling process, I’d just scooted the patio furniture over to the other end of the porch.

Downside = big wicker chair blocking the porch gate made it hard to get in & out.

Upside = big wicker chair became default dumping spot for large mail.

Which got me thinking… If there was a basket or something hanging on the inside of the gate, the big mail could go in there. It would be out of the weather (read: as much as that’s possible in Western PA) and wouldn’t show from the street. Because I know those rascally kids are just waiting for an opportunity to steal my college alumni magazines…

But, after a little deliberation, I decided that a good, sturdy flower box would both provide both the load-bearing & aesthetic quality I demand from my creative endeavors. (I got a rep to protect, yo.)

So I picked up a black wrought iron-look flower box & mounted it directly in the center of our porch gate, facing in.

It was ridonkulously easy & self explanatory, so I won’t bother listing the put tab A into slot B stuff. If you want to install one of these… trust me, you can figure it out on your own.

Then I dropped a rectangular basket inside to catch all those glorious catalogs, magazines and gifts from secret admirers. Still waiting on those. But I have faith.

There were only two problems: One — the mounting hardware showed on the “back” side. Which in our case was the front side. As in facing the street. Two — the basket width & depth were ideal, but it wasn’t long enough to fill the whole flower box.

So, to remedy both issues, I jogged over to the craft store — Yes, literally. I’m a dynamo. NOT. I drove my lazy ass there. And I might have stopped at Starbucks on the way. But don’t repeat that. I’ll only deny it. — and picked up a couple of sprigs of silk flowers and a bag of pine cones.

I used the “faux-liage” to rehab an old wreath. Then I wired it to the offending flower box hardware…

… thereby concealing said eyesore.

(wreath makeover here)

The pine cones were to fill the empty spaces that surrounded our big-mail basket once I’d set it inside the flower box.

I just dumped them in there & primped a little.

And viola.

We have a place for our bulky, unsolicited junk mail. The American dream…

I like it 🙂

It’s plenty big enough & sturdy enough to hold even the most ad-laden Vogue.

And the pine cones can, and will, be easily tweaked/switched out with other small-ish items for a constant, yet ever-changing look. (Just like the wreath on the front.)

I love functional decor I can play with 🙂 Oh, the possibilities!!!

All in all, I’d say the flower box project ran me about $20. I was lucky to get all three components (flower box, basket, pine cones) on sale. It might have cost $20 if I weren’t so savvy hadn’t gotten as lucky.

Still, totally worth it to ensure that I won’t go all “Not Without My Daughter” on our poor mailman come Sears catalog day…

COMING UP: PEACE, GARDENING AND BONDAGE. (Not that kind, you sicko.)


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  1. “To say “I love you” one must first be able to say the “I.”” ~ Ayn Rand

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