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We’re at the fun stage of our porch makeover/curb appeal project: the futzing! When I get to make all kinds of small aesthetic & functional tweaks. To a DIY dork like me, this is the best part 🙂

And this quick makeover of an old wreath is my favorite detail-y thing thus far.

It was quick, easy and cheap: The RHR trifecta!

Here’s how I did it:

First, I snipped the wires holding the wooden decorative pieces to an old wreath. (I left the brown string, though. I think it’s load-bearing string.) And pulled off all the little globs of dried glue.

I was left with a bare wreath, which I mounted to our front gate.

(The whys and wherefores of that very soon. Suffice it to say we needed to obscure the hardware of a flower box mounted on the inside of the gate.)

I wanted to make sure it was really on there, because that’s where it’s going to live permanently. Or at least until we move.

Its look, however will be SO easy to switch up.

Allow me to demonstrate:

I grabbed some silk flowers from the craft store (2 for 1 = score!)

Then I trimmed the flowers off the center stems, leaving quite a bit of length on the smaller stems that actually connected to the blooms.

I’m glad I had wire snips for this process & wouldn’t recommend trying it with scissors. Those plastic coated wire stems would laugh in the face of any scissors who would dare challenge them.

I also took off any leaves and offshoots, leaving me with long, bare stems topped with a couple of blooms each.

(Oops. I guess I took this photo before trimming off the leaves/offshoots. Sorry. Just visualize these, but with no leaves & you’ll get the picture.)

Aside from the two big center stems, I was actually left with very little waste.

And I kinda can’t bear to throw those big stems out. I know that the day after I do, I’ll think of some super handy use for them.

BTW — Do you think I should apply to be on that hoarders show? 

Once I got to this point, the rest was so simple it’s almost embarrassing.

I just shoved the long, bare stems as far & as hard as I could, even pulling from the back with my needle nose plies sometimes, until they were all in there nice & snug.

That’s it.

I went with a really loosely structured look on purpose, allowing the blooms to kind of do what they want. I added dimension by letting them jut out in some places while trying my best to tuck them into the wreath more tightly in others. I also gave it some motion by choosing blooms that blow slightly in the breeze. (I was concerned they’d blow off, but… knock wood… so far, so good.)

Overall, it adds a playful, casual touch at the top of our potentially-foreboding-looking steps. At least I think so.

Plus, since I already had the old wreath & mounting wire, and the flowers were on sale, the whole project cost me $7. (If you don’t have a spare wreath, check Goodwill. I guarantee you’ll find one cheap.)

And here’s the best part!

Because I didn’t use any glue or wire to secure the flowers to the wreath, I can (and will) easily disassemble this wreath and create a new one whenever I want!!!

Sidenote: I’m the kind of person who fantasizes about having the time/money/energy to switch out the curtains & art in her home, like, twice a month. Not throw anything out, mind you, just rearrange/rotate things in & out of storage… you know, play 🙂

BTW — Do you think I should apply to be on that schizophrenics show?

Anyhoo … Right now, I’m diggin’ the harvest moon vibe this one’s got goin’ on, but as the seasons change — rest assured — so will the wreath.

I’m just so excited!


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2 thoughts on “Wreath-hab

  1. anthony kaitis on said:

    Amy if you weren’t so creative(and entertaining) with words I would say you ought to be in home decor. AWESOME.

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