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Mailbox “Paint-ina” Reveal!!!

Well I’ll be damned.

She’s a beauty. She’s a one-in-a-million girl.

See how she catches the light?


What.Ever. This outfit was totally my idea. She was going to paint me blue.

Watch your sass-mouth, young lady. I brought you onto this porch, and I can take you off.


One way or another (*ahem*), we went from this:

To this:

To this:

To this:

How’d I do it?!?!?

Elementary, my dear reader.

I started with a base coat of metallic copper spray paint…

Then blended coats of a bluish-green metallic spray paint in a highly inappropriate fashion.

After that dried, I applied the green-black paint from the patina kit I got at the craft store. Then I wiped off the excess before the paint dried. This provided “lowlights” to give the piece more dimension.

Then I layered on the bright green paint from the patina kit to bring in some highlights…

and wiped that off before it dried, too. (patina process here)

Finally, I finished the paint by watering down some of the black-green kit paint & painting on some lowlights:

I laid it on thick in the cracks & crevices to replicate a naturally weathered look.

Then I dabbed on random spots all over the rest of the mailbox. (Quickly.)

Instead of wiping this layer off, I used a dry paintbrush to stipple the watery green-black paint into the surface. I really put some muscle into it, using a quick stabbing motion.

This technique absorbed some of the watery paint into the brush bristles, while mooshing the rest into all the little nooks & crannies. I had to work fast, but it was kinda fun.

“I don’t get mad. I get stabby.” (75 Cool Points if you can name that quote!)

Then I finished her off with some loose highlights using the gold paint from the patina kit & a sponge brush.

Tip: For a loose effect when stippling, dab your brush/sponge on a paper towel after dipping it in the paint. 

I would have used copper paint, but they didn’t have any copper patina kits left at the craft store, so I just grabbed what they had & figured I’d roll with it. I’m CRAZY like that.

Here what I ended up with:

Actually, it looked much better in person than this pic.

Sorry for all the cruddy photos of this step. I was doing it using the under-kitchen-cabinet fluorescent light at 10 p.m. (While re-heating some pizza. Yum.)

Then, I just let it dry for a good few days to make sure ALL the layers were playing together nicely.

When I was comfortable with the level of dryness, I hit it with a triple-coat of Rustoleum clear acrylic sealer spray to weatherize it, since craft paint is not waterproof!!! 

I progressed from “very thin” to “pretty thick” coat-by-coat, which is what gives her the shine she now flaunts 🙂

Either blurry, dark or shadowy. I guess the National Photography Association won’t be calling anytime soon… if they’re really a thing… can’t say as I rightly know…

Dan was the big hero in getting the diva onstage:

He started by holding the box up to the wall while I said helpful things like, “More down on the other part.”

Once we finally got it level (-ish… oops), Dan made marks through the mounting holes using a felt-tip marker.

And drilled using a masonry bit. (Because our house is brick.)

Then he sunk screw anchors which help the threads of the screws to “grab”.

We don’t want the combined weight of our mailbox & all the junk mail stuffed inside (Seriously… it’s an epidemic.)

Make sure you drill your holes a bit deeper than the length of your screws/anchors.

Tip: If you’re not comfortable eyeballing-it when drilling, wrap a piece of tape around your drill bit at the point that corresponds to the length of your anchor. Then when you drill, just stop when you “hit tape”. 

In our case, the screws & anchors were 1 inch, so Dan drilled “about this far” — his measurements, not mine — into the wall, then pounded in the anchors with the back of a set of channel lock pliers (Because he didn’t feel like looking for a hammer. See how we’re made for each other?) and twisted in the screws with a regular old screwdriver.

Dan, Dan, the Anchor Man Says: Work smarter, not harder! Use a screwdriver bit on your drill to speed up the screw-in process if you’re doing a bunch of them.

Once the screws were in, it was just a matter of hangin’ er up…

Doin’ a test run using a piece of outgoing mail…

And admiring her awesomeidity.

Here’s a shot from the sidewalk.

I like it that she doesn’t scream patina at you. You have to get a little closer to notice her.

BUT I’m pretty sure that when the sun hits her, she’ll give off all kinds of light & color. Unfortunately, it was mucho overcast & rainy by the time we were finished hanging her, so it doesn’t really do her justice.

If she beams like I think she will once the sun comes out, I’ll absolutely post some “show off” pics ASAP 🙂

And it will be SO good to get this eyesore off of the front of our house!!!

And while we admire our postal carrier’s ingenuity:

We think she deserves better 🙂

Hopefully we’ll also stop receiving mail addressed to E. Monster on Sesame Street. That guy owes money all over town ;->

NEXT POST: TBA (Oooh… mysterious…)

**pic of Rustoleum can courtesy of Rustoleum website


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One thought on “Mailbox “Paint-ina” Reveal!!!

  1. NorCal Sal on said:

    Love what you did with a can of Rustoleum and an old mailbox.

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