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Mailbox Makeover!! Part One


Here it is in all of it’s (previously) under-appreciated glory.

Look at the ∏ clean lines ∏

Check out the § darling curves §

 Don’t forget to notice the £ Classic Design £

This box has potential written all over it!

All this wallflower needs is a new dress! (You know, like in every cheesy movie/tv show: The “unattractive” girl takes off her glasses and lets down her hair & suddenly she’s a sexpot & has to fight the guys off with a stick. This is something like that. Only less misogynistic… because everyone knows that mailboxes are stuck-up bitches anyway.)

So, we headed to the hardware store to pick a paint. At first, we thought “classic mailbox red” but that didn’t really excite either of us. Then we considered a flirty, bright blue. But that just seemed weirdly inconsistent with the color scheme we’ve got goin’ on.

I usually love color counterpoints, and I’ll definitely use some accent pieces to break up the red/orange/gold palate we’re currently rockin’, but I dunno… the mailbox just didn’t seem to “want” to be blue. And you know how naggy my inanimate objects get when I don’t listen to them. No? Click here.

Here’s what she said she wants:

What a diva.

So, I’m gonna hit her first with the copper spray paint, then add uneven touches of the green. After that, I’ll use the patina kit paints to dibble-dabble & see what we come up with…

I haven’t yet decided if I want to stencil-paint anything on it, (Like a simple fleur-de-lis, spiral pattern or just the word “mail” or “post.”) but once she & I come to some sort of aesthetic agreement, I’ll seal her with a final coat of waterproof acrylic sealant and hang her up 🙂

Stay tuned for the big reveal!!!!!!!!


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