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The Doormat Conundrum

Yes, I watched Big Bang last night. That show is exponentially awesome.

But anyway…

It’s time to replace our old doormat as part of the big porch makeover!

Although Pittsburgh fans continue to be welcome… (Cleveland fans can suck it.)

The problem that’s arising is that I’m apparently extremely picky about doormats. Live and learn.

I guess I never noticed before because:

A) I’m a renter. Most of the time, a doormat of some variety is already in place when I move in. Being the cheapskate I am, I usually just learned to live with whatever we inherited.

B) In Arizona, doormats are more of an aesthetic choice than a weather-related necessity.

It’s not like I’ve never gone doormat shopping. I just never really cared this much. Our newly painted floorboards look so nice and I don’t want to just throw down any old thing as their “keystone” … so to speak.

So, off to the bath (and beyond) store!

Too feminine…

Too masculine…

Too kitschy…

Too fancy schmancy…

Too plain…

Too flimsy…

Too clashy…

Too… Florida.

So… I went online.

Heh, heh ;->


And my personal fave…

That one cracked me up! And if Sheldon ever drops by, he’ll totally fall for me.

But in the end, we fell in love with this simple, weather-appropriate and eco-smart mat I spotted on eBay:

It’s made from recycled/natural materials; it’s super weather-proof; it’s a Celtic-inspired design.

Dan and I are Celtic-descent lovahs (Remember that great Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell/Rachel Dratch skit?), so we dug the subtle tribute-joke. Plus we love the look of it — doormat-y, but with a little flair. Some of the ones we saw while shopping actually looked too nice to step on…

We can’t wait for it to arrive!

But, it IS raining again, so our big Curb Appeal/Porch Project plans are still on hold. Seems like whenever we have the time, we don’t have the weather… sigh… we’ll get’er done eventually… we promise.

In the meantime, I’m going to focus on an indoor project or two.



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