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Blame It On The Rain

Just a quick “progress” post regarding the porch — the floorboards are done!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


True, the project is taking much longer than I’d like… but there’s not much I can do about that. It’s really rainy around here.

Maybe I should have titled this post, “Sweet Home Arizona” — because back there, this project would have taken 2 days.

Sweet home, Arizona/Where the paint dries so fast/Sweet home Arizona/All this rain can kiss my… OK. Moving on.

The real kick in the pants is that putting off the porch project wouldn’t have helped. Fall is just as rainy as summer in Western PA. And starting it earlier wasn’t really an option either, as our rainfall this Spring actually set records. So, if I wanted new paint on the porch, I was going to have to just forge ahead & deal with the inconveniences.

As it turned out, the skies opened up a mere 8 hours after I completed the floorboards, soaking 3/4 of the newly painted porch. I hadn’t even gotten the “after” pics yet 😦

Fortunately, it was only one good downpour, followed by several days of sticky heat.

So, to allow the paint to fully dry, I blocked all access to the front porch & posted a “wet paint” sign. Then we all used the back door for a week.

Finally, finally, yesterday, the paint was dry enough for me to snap a few quick pics. I apologize for their shadowy nature — it was late afternoon & I was afraid it would be raining again when I awoke this morning. (So far, no. But the forecast is grim.)

I haven’t put the furniture in place yet, obviously…

And there are several “touch-ups” I still need to do:

I did my best to hit the cracks (heh, heh) as I went, but there are — of course — a few spots I missed.

Also, our rockin’-but-we-can-assume-not-the-highest-quality-since-it-was-bought-off-the-street-down-by-the-docks doormat left a weird imprint when we took it up.

I was hoping a couple coats of paint would cover it up, but not so much.

We’re not sweatin’ it too hard, because that’s where our new doormat will live, but in the interest of full disclosure, here’s what it will actually look like under there.

I decided to use this shot, because it shows a couple of other issues annoyances that can be easily fixed. However, the paint color looks awful. Weird.

First, the weird yellowish streaking on the uppermost floorboard? Sidewalk chalk. A piece got broken up on the doorjamb and I tracked some out when I took these pics.

A wet rag will do the trick there.

More problematic not a problem are the weird little red smudges you see on the middle and lowest boards. Can you guess what they are?

Looks a little like a tiny footprint, doesn’t it?

Yeah. Sonia was helping me paint the final red stripe. (Which primarily consisted of riding me like a horsey while I tried to keep a steady brush and not knock over my paint can.)

And can you guess what happened here?

Poor moth. All encased in Renter’s Orange, Han Solo-style 😦

And, while moving the wrought-iron chair, I put a nick in one of the floorboards.

My point?

There’s no use crying over tracked/nicked/moth encrusted paint.

Rental House Rule #12 — Dings happen. That’s what touch-up paint is for. Keep some around & you’ll be fine.

So, there you have it, a painted porch!

I’m thinkin’ it already looks a lot better.

Lemme remind:

Again: You’ll have to excuse the presence of the garden fencing in this pic. It’s somehow the best “before” shot I got of the floorboards. Lo siento.

Better, no?

And, although the weatherman leads me to believe that it might be up to a week before we see the sun again, I still have much to do to get this porch into shape.

Still on the punch list:

Mailbox Makeover

Stencil Magic

Address Plaque DIY Project

Welcome Mat Search

Lighting/Dropped Ceiling Additions

Furniture Rehab

Child Safety Customizations

…and more!!!!

But, for now, we might have to move on to some indoor projects.

And, I do have a few posts’ worth of detail stuff regarding the flower bed and our backyard vegetable garden. Plus, I’m sure I’ll think of plenty more things to mention.

Stay tuned!



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