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Come with me/And you’ll be/In a world of pure imagination…

What you’ll see/Will defy/Explanatioooon….

25 Cool Points to anyone who can name that tune.

Now that we’ve gotten our flower bed in, we can’t wait to get started creating our scrumdiddlyumptious front porch!!! (Hint, hint.)

These pics are actually over a week old. I’ll post an update on the flower bed soon. It be blowin’ up, yo.

So… in the above shot you can see that the front porch steps need a good paintin’ and that something must be done to mask the TMI view we’re getting of the area under our front porch. Like Paris Hilton getting out of a limo, I tell ya…

At the top of the steps, you’ll notice the lovely and extremely functional gate my dad helped me put in recently. It has turned what was once a no-kid-zone into a safe outdoor space. Thanks, Dad! (How-we-did-it post coming up ASAP.)

Here’s a shot from ground level at the front left corner of the flower bed. (The gate is open in this one, we don’t actually have picket fencing along one side of the porch… although, that might make a cool facing… hmm… or a horrible one… I’ll have to marinate on that.)

Anyway, here’s another shot from ground level of the opposite corner.

As you can see, we’ve barely done a thing with it. After planting the flower bed, I did a tiny bit of container gardening, just to have provide some continuity between the yard & the porch.

I’ll put up a quick how-to post about that (including how to paint flowerpots) as part of the porch-makeover series.

The wicker table and chairs we inherited from Dan’s folks, who recently upgraded their deck furniture.

It’s a sturdy, classic set & is in great shape. All it needs is a little TLC and it will be gawh-juss, dahlingk.

I also have a set of wicker shelves perfect for stowing all manner of front-porch necessities, from gardening tools to reading materials to footwear. (Right now, they’re holding miscellaneous DIY supplies, but that’s only temporary.) I haven’t decided yet if I’ll “match” the set by painting them both the same color, or simply allow them to coordinate  — because they’re both wicker — rather than match. I’m usually a complement-don’t-match girl, but who knows?

Next up? Floorboards!

This, by the by, is the answer to my twice-posed-but-never-answered OCD Points question…

I painted stuff (flower bed edging; TV armoire; flower pots) on the front porch without using a drop cloth. GASP!!!!!!!

But there was method to my madness. I’ve known from the get-go that we needed to hit the front porch floorboards with fresh paint. They were painted right before we moved in, but not sealed, so they’re already looking pretty rough.

 So, because I know that my inner perfectionist usually trumps my inner procrastinator, I decided to mess up my porch on purpose. That way I wouldn’t put off the inevitable.

Tip: If you’re not planning to paint over your drips, like… yesterday, you’d do well to throw down some kind of protective barrier THEN break out your brushes.

Once we’ve tackled painting the below, we’ll focus on the above. Namely, we’ll add lighting and decorative elements to mask our cheap, water-damaged porch ceiling.

Tip: Detract from an unattractive ceiling by creating a “dropped” look. In other words, hang things from it. This will draw the eye to the false-but-pretty ceiling, rather than the ugly real one behind it.

Then, we’ll move on to the issue of our front door.

The main door is fine. It’s an old wooden one with a beautiful beveled-glass window and brass knocker.

True, I detest the lacy curtain we’re currently using to keep the perv-os from peepin’ — but that’s a detail for another project. For now, we’ll focus on trying to fill in the awkward spaces around the screen door frame (especially the no-man’s-land above it) and cleaning up the knocker.

Heh, heh. I said knocker. Twice.

Above and beyond these bigger projects, we’ll also replace our unbelievably yucky mailbox; reinvent our address plaque; find a non-heinous bulb cover for our porch light and switch out our AWESOME-but-has-seen-better-days doormat.

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, I’m required by my wedding vows to do that whenever I see black & gold.)

I’m sure we’ll also come up with a few other fantastical tweaks & ideas as we go along — so stay tuned. Probably no chocolate rivers, though. Another Cool Points hint…



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