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I go out of town for one week and she steals the affections of my man…

Apparently, the big green armoire has been whispering sweet nothings in Dan’s ear.

She’s even shmoozed my mother-in-law.

They both love her in green & Dan is all nostalgic because it reminds him of a piece his Nana used to have.

So I guess, for the time being, she’ll get her way. Sigh.

I think she’d STUNNING as a strawberry-blonde, but what do I know? (Apparently.)

Since I’m a big proponent of “The heart wants what it wants”, I have to respect her right to make choices about her own appearance. Plus, she has big ole cajones for circumventing my authority, which ironically makes me even more fond of her.

Despite the fact that she’s a man-stealing slut.

Tip: Never leave a gorgeous piece of furniture wearing a tacky outfit alone with your husband.


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